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Deshi Spice

Curry Life Award Winners 2021

Step into a culinary journey that began in 2012 at the vibrant heart of Tavistock Street, the epicentre of Indian Cuisine in Bedford.

Since then, we’ve developed a perfect atmosphere in our restaurant, making it a perfect meal for any occasion, whether it's a romantic dinner or a special treat, we will not disappoint!

Our philosophy revolves around the simple joys in life – the company of loved ones, shared laughter, and, of course, delicious food; these values define the essence of Deshi Spice’s romantic restaurant.

Every dish on our menu has been thoughtfully curated to showcase the finest nuances of Indian cuisine. We're proud to serve Award Winning and romantic recipes that have stood the test of time, lovingly passed down through generations, and still gracing family tables today with the same cherished flavours.

Experience memorable romantic dinners, joyful family celebrations, or simply unwind with friends over a delightful and romantic meal at our atmospheric restaurant.


Award winning cuisine of Excellence. Some of your favourites 🏆

Mughlai Chicken
Porsche model GT3 letters on seat vabric
Deshi mix starter
Tiger prawn Ratchaburi
Kanda hari chicken
Emperors mixed grill

Award winning cuisine of Excellence. Some of your favourites

Kanda Hari Chicken
Porsche model GT3 letters on seat vabric
Mughlai Chicken
Emperors mixed grilled
Porsche model GT3 letters on seat vabric
Tiger Prawn Ratchaburi
Porsche model GT3 letters on seat vabric
Deshi mix starter

A culinary Journey by Chef Abdul

I am an accomplished Indian cuisine chef with roots tracing back to Bangladesh. With a rich history spanning two decades, I've cultivated a wealth of culinary expertise that defines my journey. My passion for quality is unwavering, and I approach every dish I create with a commitment to excellence.

From the vibrant spices to the intricate techniques, I infuse my heart and soul into every aspect of my craft. I invite you to join me on this flavourful expedition where my experience and dedication converge to create extraordinary dining experiences, perfect for romantic and every other occasions.

Wednesday & Sunday Banquet:

Banquet Offer (Wednesday + Sunday) 4 course meal £15 per person.
See menu for more details

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Extra Discounts Available

15% Off Cash Payments or 10% Off card (collection or delivery)
Min. order £15 over the phone
Terms and conditions apply

Delivery Available:

Delivery up to 4 miles £2
Delivery over 4 miles: £3 (up to 7 miles)
We may be able to offer deliveries further, please call the restaurant directly to enquire

Certifications, PR & AWARDS

Our location

60 Tavistock Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 2RD

01234 327755


Opening hours

We are open 7 days a week including Bank Holidays

Monday - Thursday 5pm - 11.30pm

Friday - Sunday 4.30pm - 11.30pm